21 Day Sugar Free Detox?!!

So, I am a sugar fiend! I’m talking chocolate and candy and then more chocolate and candy! I have been working on cutting my fiendish ways to a minimum. However, even when doing so, I still have been having really bad sugar cravings.

 21 day sugar detox

After putting a lot of though into the reasons behind this, I realized there is added sugar or sweetener in a ton of food I eat! I try to use stevia, since it is a natural sweetener however, even though it is “natural” having excessive sweet food makes you crave sweets even more!

Here is a list of some stevia sweetened things I have regularly:

-          Coffee

-          Protein Powder

-          Baked goods

-          Oatmeal/Oatbran

-          Sauces

The list goes on and on! I started cutting some of these things a couple of weeks ago! I now drink my coffee black.

  photo-1 (6)

 You can see how excited I am about that.

However, my friend Sarah (the awesome blogger of http://freshfitnhealthy.com) and I were talking about it and decided we need to take it a step further and cut out all these added sugars in order to control our cravings and return our sweet tooth palate to a normal state. Therefore we decide to create a 21 day sugar detox! This is no pansy 1 week detox. This is the real deal with a whole 3 weeks without any sugar!!!! The only sugar we are allowing ourselves is sugar that is naturally occurring in fruit and veggies, etc.

However here is the clincher:  NO stevia, other artificial sweeteners, honey or agave.

Now this is by no means going to be easy! It is amazing how many products have undercover added sugar and sweeteners. What does this mean? I will be eating whole natural ingredients as well as checking ingredients on products religiously.

 I am up for the challenge! Are you??????

If you decide to take the challenge it starts today and goes through June 10th! If you are on instagram please hashtag #FFsugardetox

Good luck!!