HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Well, the New Year is always filled with New Years Resolutions! So my question for all of you is what is your resolution??? If one of your resolutions is to eat healthier,  then I have 14 (plus many more) favorite HEALTHY recipes of 2014.

Top 14 recipes of 2014

What are my resolutions? One of them is to continue to make delicious and healthy recipes for all of YOU! My other main resolution is to take better care of myself. This means physically, mentally, and emotionally. Due to some recent health issues (which eventually I plan to discuss on the blog) I have been slacking on taking care of myself. However, the new year means a new me and I feel inspired to be the best that I can be in 2015 and not let my health issues completely destroy my happiness.

Anyway, back to the recipes! I thought it would be easy to pick 14 recipes that were my favorite! Well, it turns out I could not have been more WRONG! I basically wanted to talk about every single recipe I posted in 2014 hahaha! I was able to narrow it down to 14 as challenging as it was! So here it goes…

Top 14 recipes of 2014 (not in any order):

Each recipe is linked in the title.

1. Apple Pie Waffles

These waffles are so good and fulL of flavor. I love that they are protein packed and so filling! Plus, the cinnamon-sprinkled apple pie topping is the cherry on top!

Apple Pie Waffles

2. Buffalo Chicken Wings 

Words cannot describe my love for these wings. I have always loved buffalo wings, but not the calorie count! These are healthified and oh so easy!

Buffalo Chicken Wings


3. Coco- Coconut Protein Balls

These take 5 minutes to put together and are great for on the go and as a pre or post workout snack. I also happen to love anything with coconut in it!

Coco Coconut Balls


4.  Stuffed Pasta Shells

I feel like the name says it all! I love me some pasta. Here I have replaced traditional ricotta with low-fat cottage cheese and added Italian-style chicken for a protein kick!

Stuffed Pasta Shells


5. Rice Pudding

Ever have leftover brown rice that you are not sure what to do with? Well, this is the perfect recipe for it! Not only is it easy, but I personally enjoy this recipe for dessert and breakfast!

Rice Pudding


6.  Pizza Chicken

Possible one of my most remade recipes of 2014! How can you not love it? Its pizza on a chicken?! Plus it couldn’t be easier!

Pizza Chicken


7.  Banana Coffee PB Overnight Oats

Yes the name is a mouthful, but how else was I going to title the amazingness in these overnight oats? I love overnight oats for on the go and the flavor of these is to die for!

Banana Coffee PB Overnight Oats


8. Asian Broccoli Slaw

This dish is amazing for meal prep! It’s a salad or it’s a side dish depending on whether you decide to add chicken in or not.  And using broccoli slaw in place of traditional cabbage helps it keep longer making the awesome Asian flavors pop and staying just as crunchy as the day you made it.

Asian Broccoli Slaw



9. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bars

A follower had given me a challenge to re-create her favorite very unhealthy chocolate chip cookie dough bars. So I of course said “Challenge Accepted!” (anyone get the How I Met Your Mother reference I did there?). Anyway, I am so thankful for that challenge because I absolutely love how these bars turned out! Perfect for taking care of that sweet tooth!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bars


10. Coco Coconut Overnight Oats

Here I go with that chocolate coconut combo again! I seriously cannot get enough of it. Again overnight oats = easy and delicious! So I had to put another one on my top 14 list! Want more info about overnight oats and other overnight recipes? Check out this post!

Cocoa Coconut OOIAJ


11. Spaghetti Squash Meatballs with Spicy Tomato Sauce

I made this when my good friend Sarah was in town! It was so fun getting to finally recipe create with her. Plus, I love the addition of the spaghetti squash, it is a fun play on the traditional meatball!

Spaghetti Squash with spicy tomato sauce

12. Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

Whoa mama do I love these! I love how moist they are. I love the flavor. I love the frosting. I just love them. Plus, one of my followers doubled the recipe and turned it into a 2 layer cake that looked just divine! Give this recipe a try!

020 -- Fantastically Fit -- Jodee Debes Photography


13. Banana Bread Pancakes

These have been remade in my home more times then I can count. If I am not in the mood for chocolate chips (which is rare, but does happen) I omit them from the recipe and these pancakes are just as great! Healthy pancakes are a weekend tradition in this household you should make it one in yours as well :)

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Pancakes


14. Creamy Chicken Pasta 

And now, last but NOT least. The most popular recipe on fantastically-fit.com of 2014! This recipe has been remade by tons and tons of people all with rave reviews! It is perfect for when you are craving creamy pasta, but don’t actually want to use the cream! I promise this will be a family favorite and a repeat recipe!

Creamy Pasta


Well there you have it! Honestly, I don’t even know if these are my favorites. It was truly too hard to choose! Check out the rest of my blog and give some of the other recipes a try. I never post anything to the blog unless I consider it “Blog-Worthy” as I like to call it!

Well here’s to another great year! Thanks you for your continued support!


Amy Clevenger aka FantasticallyFit