I love breakfast and I am almost always craving sweet over savory when it comes to my morning meal. I’m not perfect and sometimes I run out of fruit. GASP! So, now what? Introducing Tea Infused Egg White Oatmeal. I love tea infused oatmeal. Why? Because you can literally make your oatmeal taste like any tea that you have on hand!

Tea Infused OATS

Today I chose to infuse my oats with Starbucks Berryblossom White Tea. Since I wanted blueberries and didn’t have any.

starbucks tea

This tasted just like the tea! I topped it with cinnamon and slice almonds yum!

Tea Infused Egg White Oatmeal
Recipe type: Breakfast
  • Tea Infused Egg White Oatmeal Recipe
  • Recipe by: Amy Clevenger, Fit Fun and Fantastic
  • Ingredients:
  • - 2 tea bags
  • - 1 cup water
  • - ½ cup old fashioned oats
  • - ½ tbsp chia seeds
  • - Stevia, to taste
  • - ⅓ cup egg whites (2 egg whites)
  1. Steep the 2 tea bags in the hot water for about 5 minutes.
  2. Make sure to squeeze all the flavor out of the bags.
  3. Mix oats, chia seeds and stevia then add the tea water to the mixture.
  4. Microwave for approximately 2 minutes.
  5. Then stir in egg whites and microwave in 20 second increments stirring each time until egg whites are fully cooked (about 1 minute)
  6. That's it! Top with whatever your heart desires :)
Tea infused oatmeal is great in any flavor: earl grey, chai tea, chamomile, lemon etc.

Can ommit egg whites and just follow the previous steps.

Can also be made on stove top!
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1