Hello Hello! Sorry I have been a bit MIA, but on the bright side, I return with a HUGE giveaway for you hosted by Suja Juice! I am sure you have heard of Suja Juice- they make amazing cold pressed juices that you can find at most of your local markets. Well, the co-founders created The Suja Juice Solution: 7 Days to Lose Fat, Beat Cravings, and Boost Your Energy. 

The Suja Juice Solution

Lets be clear: The Suja Juice Solution is NOT A DIET.  The second I hear the word DIET I immediately feel the need to rebel, so this book was right up my alley. Instead of being a diet it is about a lifestyle filled with nutrient dense and nourishing foods while eliminating difficult to digest, processed foods, irritants and unhealthy cravings. Sounds good right?

Mexican Choc Smoothie

Not only that but the book is filled with gorgeous photos (what can I say I am a visual learner :) ), easy delicious juices, and real food meals.  With over 75 mouthwatering, original SUJA recipes, weekly shopping lists and mix-and-match meal plans, The Suja Juice Solution is totally doable and maintainable!

I plan to do Week 1: 7 Days to Reset, and I will update you all on how I am feeling!

Okay so now that I have sold you all on how AMAZING this book is! Are you ready to hear about this just as AMAZING GIVEAWAY?!?!

Giveaway Offering

I want one of my wonderful subscribers to do the 1 Week Suja Solution with me. So, ONE SUPER LUCKY subscriber will win:

* Breville Juicer (pictured above)

* $500 Whole Foods Gift Card (Yes I said $500)!!!

* 1 Copy of The Suja Juice Solution

Everything you need and more to get you through the first 7 days of The Suja Juice Solution and through all 28 days!


* Subscribe to my blog fantastically-fit.com


* Comment below and tell me why YOU want to win!

THAT’S IT! (Giveaway ends April 20th)


Also if you don’t win don’t be sad :( You can still purchase the book through this link and receive SEVEN free Suja Juice coupons (that’s over $70 dollars in cold pressed juice)! Simply email your receipt confirmation to Gwyn@SujaJuice.com and you’re good to go!

Now get to commenting and subscribing! :)