Created by us, for you!

Sarah from Fresh Fit & Healthy and I have teamed up to create three awesome books to help you create delicious meals on your clean eating journey!

All Day. Everyday

Includes thirty-five recipes with pictures for each one, that have never been posted or seen anywhere, and can be available to YOU for a small price of $10! It includes every kind of recipe, from breakfast, to drinks, to appetizers, to side dishes, to entrees, to desserts! We have been working very hard to provide you only the most perfected recipes. We hope that you love it!


Pumped Up Edition

This book has everything you need to start and keep the new year healthy! Includes twenty protein bars and bites recipes with calorie/macro breakdown, workouts, healthy tips, and a clean eating grocery list!

5 Ingredients or Less

Have you ever said, "This recipe looks great, BUT there are way too many ingredients and it sounds too complicated for me to make". Well don't worry, you aren't alone! That is why we have created this 5 Ingredient or Less eBook that has 40 recipes using minimal amount of ingredients, while keeping the process quick and easy as well! The perfect set of recipes for anyone on a time crunch or simply wanting to make delicious food using only a few ingredients.


Holiday Edition

Normally us healthy eaters can’t fully enjoy all these foods without worrying about our waistline, or destroying what we have worked so hard for. This book is the cure! Enjoy these sinlessly delicious recipes throughout your holiday season to keep that waist slim, and show your friends and family the joy of healthy eating! There are forty recipes in this book including: desserts, breakfast, entrees, side dishes, appetizers and snacks!