Thank you to all who entered The Suja Juice Solution Giveaway! I will be emailing the winner directly. Okay, so I looked through this gorgeous book and even tried the 7 days. The photos are beyond gorgeous and the meals are flavorful and great.

The Suja Juice Solution


Suja Book2-2

I am not going to lie it was definitely challenging, What made it challenging? Well, mainly my food cravings were out of control and my energy levels started out low. Also, it did take time to juice and prep all of the food. So you definitely have to be committed and take the time to make it work. It helped that I started juicing for 2 days at a time and that made the prepping easier.

In the end I felt great!  My bloating was way down as well as my cravings. Just in general my stomach felt better. I don’t personally weigh myself, but I definitely felt like I lost weight.

One of my favorites meals I made was this Tuna Wrap!

The Suja Juice Solution


I also really enjoyed this Chia pudding along with all of the other recipes I tried.

Apple Pie That You Can't Buy

I definitely plan to use all the other recipes in this book as well as continue incorporating juicing in my life.

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